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Scheduling Soft
First post
Header some text p some text span link Looks good? Ok, I'm ready to start.

Gdy przechodziłam koło zielonkawego jeziorka, ono zabulgotało nagle, powierzchnia zmarszczyła się, a trzydzieści męskich głosów zarechotało, gdy podskoczyłam raptownie, wystraszona. – Jest jeszcze Mateusz… Rzeczywiście, był jeszcze Matt. Gdy wynurzył się z zielonkawo-niebieskiej wody, z koszulą przyklejoną do pleców, wydał się zjawiskiem. Nie zrozumcie mnie źle, kochałam męża, ale nie byłam ślepa, zresztą w nim coś było, coś… Nie umiałam tego wychwycić. Gdy stanął przede mną, wyciągając oblepioną białą gliną rękę, zauważyłam, że ma dziwne włosy. Był blondynem, ale tylko w połowie. Co drugi włos miał czarny tak samo na głowie, jak i na kilkudniowym zaroście. Z reguły nie cierpię blondynów. A może tylko tak sobie wmawiałam? Matt był inny. Nie pasował do budowy, raczej do sterty książek i prac naukowych. Muskularny, wysoki, a jednocześnie biła od niego dziwnie „humanistyczna woń”. Coś wtedy poczułam, nie tylko... (more)

Truth in Love
Don't Mention the War
Link: Don’t Mention the War Author: Daniel Greenfield Source: the Sultan Knish blog - 09.18.2014 Bill Clinton was ambiguous about the definition of “sex” and “is”. Barack Obama is uncertain about what the definition of “war” might be. And wars are central to the duties of the man in the White House. Whether or not we’re in a war depends on who you ask and on which day of the week you ask him. Secretary of State John Kerry said that bombing ISIS in two countries wasn’t a war. After the White House spokesman said it is a war, Kerry agreed that maybe it might be a war after all. Forget about finding a strategy, this administration can’t even agree on whether the thing that it needs to find a strategy for is a war. Democrats don’t like the “W” word. They bomb more countries than Republicans do, but they find a prettier name for it. One of the first things... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
Come to me, river
I have just had like the loveliest 24 hours ever! On Friday me and Michael just chilled a bit in the day and then Sebastian came and oh I won't even be able to word anything but he is the loveliest and I'm not even sure how I deserve him, or if I do When he got here he built my bedside cabinet for me, which was really lovely, and he didn't mind at all, and then we kissed and did lots of stuff and after like a long time just being with each other we went down to watch Bad Neighbours with Nour, Michael, Camilla and Eline which was really fun, the film was shit but just sitting with everyone was chill and fun Then we went to bed but obviously we didn't, we did stuff for ages and he is just the most affectionate person, he tells me I'm beautiful and how much I mean to him and he really likes just holding me idk I really love him so very much he makes me incredibly happy #gay we fell asleep halfway through a really serious conversation and the lamp was on when I woke up, so I had to... (more)

he could have done a lot of things
Humility t has always amazed me that Jesus, the King of kings, humbled Himself and came to earth to be our suffering Servant. He was not born in the palace of the kings. Indeed, He could have ordered the angels of heaven to come and prepare a grand building, which could be substituted for the Bethlehem stable and manger. When King Herod tried to have the Savior murdered, Jesus could have transported Himself, Mary, and Joseph to a place of safety. He could have commandeered a chariot of fire like Elijah's. He could have ordered the sands of the desert to blind and confuse the soldiers, or He might have simply struck down anyone who opposed Him. As the Savior hung on the cross, He had the power to switch places with those who had put Him there. Being God's Son, Jesus could have done many things to make His life on earth easier. He could have done those things, but He didn't. Instead, He chose to live His life in poverty and humility. But why? Had I been in His... (more)

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